"Give a tub another home"


  1. Spaform Odyssey

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    Blake has only been with us a few weeks , Blake’s previous owner decided to downsize his property and unfortunately that meant there was no room for Blake, We have had a great relationship with Blake over the years and a few of our engineers have come to really like him so when we were approached to take him in and re-home him we did not have to think twice .

    All Blake wants is to feel wanted and be a part of a warm family environment, We know Blake has found it hard since moving and we have spent a few weeks building his confidence ready for a new family to take him in.

    We feel Blake will make a fantastic addition to any family.

  2. Hydropool – Self Cleaning Model

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    Mariah has been with us a few weeks , Mariah has a huge personality , When she arrived with us we knew we had a special one , i know she can be a diva but she is an all singing dancing tub , She was one of Hydropool’s flagship model and doesn’t she know it! Shes great fun to have around and all the friends and family will love her.

  3. Canadian Spa (2 )

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    Gerald has been with us for a few weeks now, initially he was very shy but has really opened up lately , i know the others tubs really enjoy him begin around and its great to see the progress he has made, i know the previous owner had not used Gerald for sometime so Gerald was left to his own devices , we have really worked on his social skills and believe he would be great addition to any family.

  4. Hydropool H575 (2)

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    We took Dorris in a few weeks ago from a Hot tub dealer who we work very closely with , Dorris has been refurbished to a very high standard , Dorris brings the glitz and glamour to our unit, She is very vibrant and is a joy to have around, she will be a great addition to any family.

  5. Arctic Spa Tundra

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    Roger has been with us a couple of months , Roger had an embarrassing issue of losing water , after a few weeks of potty training we managed to overcome this issue, i know Roger found this whole situation traumatic due to his outgoing and bubbly nature , we are happy to say he has been dry for a number of weeks now. Roger is a big character and he will be the life and soul of any party  , Roger is a big tub and can take up to seven adults at one time so perfect for big family parties.