"Give a tub another home"


  1. Spaform Odyssey

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    Blake has only been with us a few weeks , Blake’s previous owner decided to downsize his property and unfortunately that meant there was no room for Blake, We have had a great relationship with Blake over the years and a few of our engineers have come to really like him so when we were approached to take him in and re-home him we did not have to think twice .

    All Blake wants is to feel wanted and be a part of a warm family environment, We know Blake has found it hard since moving and we have spent a few weeks building his confidence ready for a new family to take him in.

    We feel Blake will make a fantastic addition to any family.

  2. Hydropool H575 (2)

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    We took Dorris in a few weeks ago from a Hot tub dealer who we work very closely with , Dorris has been refurbished to a very high standard , Dorris brings the glitz and glamour to our unit, She is very vibrant and is a joy to have around, she will be a great addition to any family.

  3. Great Lakes Spa

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    We took Nick in part -exchange for a new tub a month or so ago  , Nick had an embarrassing leak which has now been sorted with the help of our trusty team of engineers. Nick is great for a small family or someone who wants to try a small tub before moving up to a larger spa, in the time we have had Nick we have grown fond of him , he is a small tub with a large personality and would be a great addition to the family.

  4. Garden Leisure

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    We only picked Sid up a week or so ago, We were contacted by a new homeowner who had inherited Sid but had no use for him, we have had a number of spas like Sid and we have had no issues re-homing so jumped at the chance to help.

  5. Garden Leisure

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    Robert had a problem , he sprung a leak a number of months ago and was causing the conservatory floor to soak, his owner was very angry and embarrassed by Roberts behavior and approached us about taking Robert off his hands , we could see that Robert was a lovely young tub and spent time working with Robert to overcome his problem, i am happy to say Robert has been Dry for many weeks

  6. Sierra Spa FM System

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    Yvonne is all singing and dancing , However after period of time the owners children moved out, after much deliberation the owners decided to downsize to a spa without an entertainment system for the more tranquil experience. After hearing Yvonnes story we decided to take her in and upgrade her control system and she was given a makeover where we replaced some of her jets and now she is raring to go , she is ideally suited to  a larger family with young children who can enjoy her vibrant outgoing nature

  7. Tiger River Spa

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    Rosemary had nowhere to go and ended up on our doorstep. She was booted out by her previous owners, simply because they wanted a younger model with a few more features. Thankfully, through the dedication of Homeless Tubs, we managed to rehome her really quickly.

    When purchased new, she was worth £5,500.