"Give a tub another home"


  1. Hydropool – Self Cleaning Model

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    Mariah has been with us a few weeks , Mariah has a huge personality , When she arrived with us we knew we had a special one , i know she can be a diva but she is an all singing dancing tub , She was one of Hydropool’s flagship model and doesn’t she know it! Shes great fun to have around and all the friends and family will love her.

  2. Serenity 6000 (2)

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    Shelly was only with us a few days before being sold , we didn’t get time to connect with her but she was lovely in her short time with us.

  3. Canadian Spa (2 )

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    Gerald has been with us for a few weeks now, initially he was very shy but has really opened up lately , i know the others tubs really enjoy him begin around and its great to see the progress he has made, i know the previous owner had not used Gerald for sometime so Gerald was left to his own devices , we have really worked on his social skills and believe he would be great addition to any family.

  4. Aegean Spa

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  5. Canadian Spa

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    We took in Junior a few weeks ago from a long standing customer of ours, we have looked after Junior for a number of years and have built up a great relationship with Junior , We spoke to his previous owner last year and he mentioned to our engineer that he didn’t have the time to spend with Junior and he felt bad and thought re-homing was the best idea to give Junior a new lease of life, Obviously we jumped at the chance too help both of them find a loving home.  Junior is very loving and would be a great addition to any home.

  6. Hotspring Envoy

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    Derek has been with us for a few weeks now and we have enjoyed having him around , he is a very vibrant and loving chap, his previous owners decided to emigrated to Canada and with a heavy heart gave us a call.

    We are looking for a loving family to take Derek into the bosom of a happy home, we believe he will make a great addition to the family.

  7. Signature Spa

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    Matilda was taken in recently on a part exchange, her previous owner wanted an all signing and dancing hot tub which we provided  . Matilda  is a compact spa and can fit in most gardens and will bring joy to a new family.



  8. Hydropool

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    Gregg came to us a few months, he is big and bold and you always know when Gregg is around, I understand from Gregg’s previous owners he was always the center of attention at family parties and family members always come away from the parties wanting their very own Gregg, after a few years had passed there was a break up in the family and there was no family parties for Gregg to take center stage , after a year or so we were contacted by a family member who asked if we would take him in and re-home him. They felt a new family deserved the joy Gregg had bought to them over the years.