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  1. Hydropool – Self Cleaning Model

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    Mariah has been with us a few weeks , Mariah has a huge personality , When she arrived with us we knew we had a special one , i know she can be a diva but she is an all singing dancing tub , She was one of Hydropool’s flagship model and doesn’t she know it! Shes great fun to have around and all the friends and family will love her.

  2. Serenity 6000 (2)

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    Shelly was only with us a few days before being sold , we didn’t get time to connect with her but she was lovely in her short time with us.

  3. Hydropool H575 (2)

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    We took Dorris in a few weeks ago from a Hot tub dealer who we work very closely with , Dorris has been refurbished to a very high standard , Dorris brings the glitz and glamour to our unit, She is very vibrant and is a joy to have around, she will be a great addition to any family.

  4. Hydropool

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    Gregg came to us a few months, he is big and bold and you always know when Gregg is around, I understand from Gregg’s previous owners he was always the center of attention at family parties and family members always come away from the parties wanting their very own Gregg, after a few years had passed there was a break up in the family and there was no family parties for Gregg to take center stage , after a year or so we were contacted by a family member who asked if we would take him in and re-home him. They felt a new family deserved the joy Gregg had bought to them over the years.

  5. Hydropool

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    Dennis originally from Canada made a new life in the Sussex  with a loving family, Dennis with his vibrant LED lights and waterfall feature was the vocal point of all the family parties.

    After a few years the loving family decided to upgrade to a Swim spa and part exchanged Dennis a few months back , he spent many nights alone in a dark and cold warehouse waiting for the chance to light up a new families home. We took Dennis in a few weeks ago and completed a service and we are happy to say he is ready to lighten up a new home.

  6. Hydropool H575

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    Dave originally from America made a new life in the south east of England in 2008 with a young loving family, Dave was the life of  sole of all the family parties with his vibrant LED lights and waterfall feature

    After a few years the busy family life of his owners meant that Dave wasn’t used as often as he and they would have liked , we were approached to help re-home Dave to a loving family who can enjoy Dave