"Give a tub another home"


  1. Spaform Odyssey

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    Blake has only been with us a few weeks , Blake’s previous owner decided to downsize his property and unfortunately that meant there was no room for Blake, We have had a great relationship with Blake over the years and a few of our engineers have come to really like him so when we were approached to take him in and re-home him we did not have to think twice .

    All Blake wants is to feel wanted and be a part of a warm family environment, We know Blake has found it hard since moving and we have spent a few weeks building his confidence ready for a new family to take him in.

    We feel Blake will make a fantastic addition to any family.

  2. Aegean Spa

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  3. Great Lakes Spa

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    We took Nick in part -exchange for a new tub a month or so ago  , Nick had an embarrassing leak which has now been sorted with the help of our trusty team of engineers. Nick is great for a small family or someone who wants to try a small tub before moving up to a larger spa, in the time we have had Nick we have grown fond of him , he is a small tub with a large personality and would be a great addition to the family.

  4. Garden Leisure

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    We only picked Sid up a week or so ago, We were contacted by a new homeowner who had inherited Sid but had no use for him, we have had a number of spas like Sid and we have had no issues re-homing so jumped at the chance to help.

  5. Signature Spa

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    Matilda was taken in recently on a part exchange, her previous owner wanted an all signing and dancing hot tub which we provided  . Matilda  is a compact spa and can fit in most gardens and will bring joy to a new family.



  6. Hydropool

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    Gregg came to us a few months, he is big and bold and you always know when Gregg is around, I understand from Gregg’s previous owners he was always the center of attention at family parties and family members always come away from the parties wanting their very own Gregg, after a few years had passed there was a break up in the family and there was no family parties for Gregg to take center stage , after a year or so we were contacted by a family member who asked if we would take him in and re-home him. They felt a new family deserved the joy Gregg had bought to them over the years.

  7. Jacuzzi

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    Rob come to us a few months ago after being neglected by his previous owner , when he arrived he was withdrawn and wasting away , we were naturally concerned and completed a health check and noticed all his major components had been removed. after many painstaking hours we manged to fit a new control system and pumps giving Rob the new lease of life needed. we have noticed a major improvement in his personality , he is now happy and bubbling away content with life and looking forward to the next chapter.

    We believe Rob will make somebody very happy .


  8. Hydropool

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    Dennis originally from Canada made a new life in the Sussex  with a loving family, Dennis with his vibrant LED lights and waterfall feature was the vocal point of all the family parties.

    After a few years the loving family decided to upgrade to a Swim spa and part exchanged Dennis a few months back , he spent many nights alone in a dark and cold warehouse waiting for the chance to light up a new families home. We took Dennis in a few weeks ago and completed a service and we are happy to say he is ready to lighten up a new home.

  9. Garden Leisure

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    Robert had a problem , he sprung a leak a number of months ago and was causing the conservatory floor to soak, his owner was very angry and embarrassed by Roberts behavior and approached us about taking Robert off his hands , we could see that Robert was a lovely young tub and spent time working with Robert to overcome his problem, i am happy to say Robert has been Dry for many weeks